Do you face these Issues when Schedule?

Events in Google are not Synchronized to Salesforce
Service Appointments in Salesforce are not sent to Google Calendar
Admin finds difficulties in monitoring synchronizing and fixing issues

MyCal4Salesforce will help you solve problems

Key benefits of using Mycal4Salesforce

Synchronize Google Events to Salesforce

After Service Resources creating Events in Google Calendar, they will be immediately transferred to Salesforce as Resource Absence (RA). Field Service Lightning (FSL), Lightning Scheduler (LS) will consider these RA as input then avoid creating Service Appointment on these timeslots. Then no conflict.

Synchronize Salesforce Appointments to Google

Service Appointments are sent to Google Calendar of Service Resources immediately then they can be notified and do assigned tasks on time. Google and Salesforce run smoothly as one system

Monitor status

MyCal4Salesforce provides Admin with monitoring tools which help him keep track the status all time.

Fix issues quickly

MyCal4Salesforce stores all logs. If there is any issue in synchronizing, Admin can quickly analyse and fix.

Synchronize Google Calendar with any kind of Salesforce Objects

Synchronize between Google and any Salesforce Object type, not only limit on Google to Resource Absence and Service Appointments to Google Calendar. You can select Salesforce Object and Fields to map

A report shows that currently the percentage of companies using Google Workspace and Outlook 365 is up to 50% compared to other Groupwares. It would be great if there is a product that could make the syncing between these Groupwares with Salesforce transparent. MyCal4Salesforce does event more than that by providing tools for admin to monitor and fix issues if any quickly and easily. It focuses firstly on syncing Salesforce and Google Workspace. I believed that MyCal4Salesforce will help the company operate much more efficiently.

Duyen Nguyen
Field Service, Line Reservation System, Call-Center Implementation Expert


Initial & License Fee

※ Initial Fee: 3,000 USD〜 (charged one time only)
※ License: Starting at 9 USD per user per month

Maintenance Support

※ Supporting hours: Weekdays 10:00 ~ 18:00 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
※ Average response time starting from 4 business hours